Shipments and deliveries

Before purchasing an item, account should be taken of shipping charges and shipping services to avoid any possible problems or misunderstandings.

Please check the description of the item carefully to see if it contains additional shipping information.

If you have questions about shipping, please contact us before purchasing the item (


Shipping - FAQ
1. What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are automatically calculated within the cart, in relation to the place of destination and the amount of the purchase (which can not be confirmed if less than Euro 50,00 - fifty / 00 for Italy and Euro 100.00 - hundred / 00 for foreign) as



1) For places of destination other than those listed above, the shipment is paid by Buyer. No shipping cost will be applied in the purchase process. The sale is made by delivery f.f. (Ex-works), subject to the buyer's obligation to arrange the withdrawal of the ordered products

(2) For particularly bulky or heavy items, which are not subject to the ordinary fare, the shipping cost will be specifically indicated during the purchase process.
2.What do you ship?

We carry out shipments on EU territory and specifically in the countries listed above in point 1).

For destinations in other countries we will prepare the goods for picking up from your courier / forwarder
3. Can I receive the product when I need it?

Much of the goods on sale come from stocks to always get the best price!

At the time of order, if the goods are not present in the main warehouse, they are ordered and made available, usually within one working week, to be ready for pickup or shipment at your destination.

If you are urgent to receive the goods shortly, contact us for more information on early delivery times.
Can I check shipping status?

When the goods are taken over by the courier, you can check the shipping status at the following address

By entering in the search field the shipping number you received by mail.

If you have not received the e-mail with your shipping number you can request it again by contacting us on the dedicated page (remember to always enter your order number)
5. Is the insured expedition available?

The goods are insured under the National Contract for 1.00 (one / 00) € per kg. Of the weight of the product.

It is possible to request additional insurance cover in the purchase procedure at a cost of 2.00 (two / 00) € per Kg of product weight. In any case, the insurance coverage ceiling

6.The minimum purchase amount for Italy is 50,00 € + VAT, for purchases over 220,00 € + VAT the shipping cost is FREE! The minimum purchase amount for countries other than Italy (see list referred to in point 1) is 100,00 € + VAT if due, for purchases over 400,00 € the shipping cost is FREE!

7.Shipping address Always check that your shipping address is correct. During the purchase process you can modify or add an address for the shipment.   Delivery - FAQ

8.More Delivery Methods The Seller will deliver the selected and ordered products, as indicated on the website at the time of the offer of the goods, as confirmed by e-mail. Shipment times may vary from 1 to 10 working days from order confirmation. In case Seller is not able to deliver within this deadline, it will be promptly notified via e-mail to Buyer. The shipping arrangements and costs are clearly indicated and clearly indicated in item

1). In the case of sales to Purchasers with head offices in non-EU territory, the shipment shall be the responsibility of the Buyer, which means that the sale is effected by delivery by f.f. (Ex-works), subject to the buyer's obligation to arrange the withdrawal of the ordered products.

9.How to behave on receipt of the goods: As soon as the courier delivers the goods, you must verify:

1) the package is intact, undamaged and / or open, or wet;
Whenever you pick up the goods with no packaging, you are still required to check the status of the Products within two (2) days of receipt. Any abnormalities found must be communicated by registered mail to Corriere and by e-mail to, detailing the damage suffered. Any report beyond the above terms will not be considered. It is recommended to keep all the packagings, labels, delivery documents and anything else that may help to help resolve the problem quickly.

1. Damaged bag:

In the event that the package is not completely intact, you can withdraw it with reservation by affixing the sign "ACCEPT WITH RESERVE RIGHT" next to your signature and explaining the reason for the delivery document (example: crushed packages, missing boxes, broken cardboard etc.). Only in this way is it possible to be compensated for the damage suffered if, once the package is opened, there is damage or tampering with the goods. If, however, accepts a parcel, even damaged, without affixing the above mentioned letter, please bring the Corriere from any liability for damage during transport. At the same time the Seller considers the parcel correctly delivered and no compensation can be claimed.
1.Package badly damaged

If the parcel is severely damaged to the point of thinking of a secure damage to the goods contained, you have the right to refuse delivery and you must write, next to the signature, the words "REFUNDED GOODS FOR DAMAGED PACK"; Specifies on the delivery document the motivations (example: fully open package, crumpled neck, broken cardboard, etc.).


IMPORTANT: If you accept the merchandise from the courier without any claim and without reservation the goods delivered by the courier.